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2019 Annual Prose and Poetry Short List

Prose The Thief, the Crier, and those Damned Dark AgesPhoebe’s Five-Finger RevoltFluidBy the NumbersRoll, Pitch, and YawBloomsConservationGloriaThe Canary’s CallingThree BucksA Tea Party for NomiBarred with WhiteThe Voynich Manuscript Poetry Arc Welding and the Sorcery of Premonition in Beijing, 1989 Tiananmen Square RevisitedWhat I Need is Another Hole in the HeadQuestions for David in the Presence of DeathMixed MediumThe BlurbFilthy RichNotes from a Galaxy Far, Far AwayWatershed Moments Snorkeling Finless in the Pacific. Costa RicaPlace of Origin, UnmappedAtrial Fibrillation: My Husband Gets a New DiagnosisHoneySeductionPress 0 to Speak Directly to GodCurmudgeonStubborn FucksMercurochromeMidnight on the Gibson RiverShark TeethTest CaseBallad of a Free ManThe Kettle BomberDeath Machine: Dr. Death’s Mechanical Syringe Delivered Potassium chlorideInto patients’ Veins Decision-Making TimeFirst and Second Loves

2018 Annual Prose and Poetry Contest Winners

FreeFall is revitalizing our blog! Stay tuned for more review, interviews, and other intriguing content to stir your imagination and intrigue the mind.  To start the re-launch of the blog, here are the 2018 contest winners! Prose 1st Place: Wayne Yetman for “Cuidado” 2nd Place: Sile Englert for “Selvedge” 3rd Place: Travis Oltmann for “Veneration” Poetry 1st Place: Bruce Meyer for “To the Manor Born” 2nd place: Hadeel Abdel-Nabi for “A Man Yelled at me in the Alley and I Liked It” 3rd Place: Mark Sampson for “Dracula, Count of Transylvania, Does an MFA in Creative Writing” Honourable Mention: Bruce Meyer for “On First Looking into Bark’s Rumi” Honourable Mention: Neil Griffin for “Two Hypotheses on the Formation of Saturn’s Rings” Honourable Mention: Rhonda Collis for “Bioluminescence Bay” Lynn C. Fraser Memorial Award Suzanne Johnson for “The Art of Falling”

2015 Contest Winners

Our 26.2 contest issue winners have been announced! Our guest judge this year, Poet Laureate George Elliott Clarke has chosen the following poetry and prose pieces: Prose 1st Place: “The Dong” by Sarah Butson 2nd Place: “Penny Blossom” by Anna Brooks 3rd Place: “Day of the Dead” by Cassy Welburn Poetry 1st Place: “Daydreaming Tricia” by Michael Fraser 2nd Place: “Finlandia” by Ellie Sawatzky 3rd Place: “The Union Dead” by Michael Fraser Honourable Mention: “Old Bob’s Shadow” by Ron Ostrander Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted!

Chapbook Contest Winner and 2015 Shortlist

And the Chapbook contest winner is… Nanci Lee for Preparation.  Congratulations Nanci! Preparation will be sent out with select issues of FreeFall 26-2 2015 Contest Short List 2015 Prose Short List: Welcome to Khyber Agency Mnemosyne Run Trust Me The Embrace Penny Blossom The Dong Day of the Dead 2015 Poetry Short List: Finlandia Daydreaming Tricia Rhinocentric Green Card Finding Elkford Batter’s box known and strange things Coureur de bois cottage slum The Union dead for the price of a penny Garage Sonnet Old Bob’s Shadow

2014 Contest Short List

2014 Poetry Short List Prose Short List Commerce This Story was on the TV News Spider Canada’s Breakup Guide You Chubby Assassin Let Nothing Ye Dismay But By God You Knew it Was There Nicky Nicky Nine Door The Come Crying Eggshells and Painted Ladies Poetry Short List The Way it Ends Up Non-fiction Old Grief Thompson park Change Rooms Morning Routine Sitting on the side of Tumor Mushroom Sibling Rivalry All Day Breakfast Just Lucky I Guess My Summer without Art 14 Ways B flat Minor Loose Attachment On Customers Iris Ink Tapeworm Forgiveness Poem for Mom Random Dynamics of War An Irrational Fear of Citrus Slices of Mackintosh Apple Wolfhound words fell The Thin Man Grand Junction Extremities