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2019 Annual Prose and Poetry Short List


The Thief, the Crier, and those Damned Dark Ages
Phoebe’s Five-Finger Revolt
By the Numbers
Roll, Pitch, and Yaw
The Canary’s Calling
Three Bucks
A Tea Party for Nomi
Barred with White
The Voynich Manuscript


Arc Welding and the Sorcery of Premonition in Beijing, 1989 Tiananmen Square Revisited
What I Need is Another Hole in the Head
Questions for David in the Presence of Death
Mixed Medium
The Blurb
Filthy Rich
Notes from a Galaxy Far, Far Away
Watershed Moments Snorkeling Finless in the Pacific. Costa Rica
Place of Origin, Unmapped
Atrial Fibrillation: My Husband Gets a New Diagnosis
Press 0 to Speak Directly to God
Stubborn Fucks
Midnight on the Gibson River
Shark Teeth
Test Case
Ballad of a Free Man
The Kettle Bomber
Death MachineDr. Death’s Mechanical Syringe Delivered Potassium chlorideInto patients’ Veins 
Decision-Making Time
First and Second Loves

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FreeFall is a literary magazine based in Calgary, AB. In 2008 Micheline Maylor and Lynn Fraser took over publication of FreeFall and created the FreeFall Literary Society. We publish prose, poetry, author interviews, and book reviews in two issues a year. Our mandate is to create a quality platform where new, emerging, and established writers can showcase their exquisite writing.

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